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Telicent CORE Platform
the green-field platform for your brown-field data

01 / Open.

Telicent CORE uses open standards to ensure that your data is never locked in. We choose best-in-class industry data standards that have been field-tested.

02 / Fast.

The Telicent CORE data integration platform seamlessly keeps all your applications in sync in near real time.

03 / Secure.

Consistent access control at the data-level so that all applications can apply the same controls. 

Any enterprise that has been operating long enough has problems bringing in the latest digital data-centric to enable their digital transformation. We want to change that. The CORE platform hooks up to your existing systems, extracts their data and makes it available securely to the next generation of applications. There's no need to worry about "big-bang" cutovers, you can take your time and make sure everything's been covered before you switch off the old systems. 

All the applications you buy or build on CORE share the same fine-grain access control model and all run from a modern, 4D extensible ontology that can grow with your business. 

No application on CORE depends on any other application, so you never get the intractable "knot" of systems that results from service-oriented architecture. 


Meet Telicent.

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Our story.

We set up the company after years of working on frustrating business change programmes that went nowhere and changed nothing. We noticed that the enterprise applications were holding back progress - they couldn't change, so neither could the business. 

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Our vision.

With CORE, we want to unlock applications from each other, freeing them to change and adapt to business needs. 

Our first application, Telicent GEO, is designed to showcase what CORE can do, but we're finding that early-adopter users are keen to get started with Telicent GEO on its own.

Our technology.

Openness is the key to Telicent's software. We won't lock your data in, and we encourage you to adapt and grow your own applications on the platform. We use open data standards, open APIs and we can adapt CORE to work with whatever messaging infrastructure you may be currently using.


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