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a new dimension in geo-analysis.

Traditional approaches to pattern-of-life analysis tend to be very slow and involve analysts digging through data to find trends, patterns and insights. Most PoL tools on the market just replicate manual processes. Telicent GEO is different. It uses robust and explainable machine learning techniques to extract the patterns from the data. You just need to decide which of those patterns you're interested in. GEO is also unique in the way it lets you analyse several subjects simultaneously. GEO gives you an intuitive overview of how subjects move, detects where they meet, and where they dwell.

GEO works in conjunction with our CORE platform which ships with our SEARCH and GRAPH applications to give you a full suite of investigative tools to dig into your data further.

01 / Novel.

The Telicent GEO application uses state-of-the art 4D  technology and robust, explainable machine learning to automatically generate pattern-of-life analyses from simple geographical data. 

02 / Revealing.

Telicent GEO finds geographical patterns and themes in your data and allows you to dig into the data to find out what's going on.

Analyse multiple targets to see how they meet and move together.

03 / Adaptable.

Telicent GEO can be used with the CORE platform or as a stand-alone application. We can load most formats of geographical data.

We have optimised our ML algorithms so they can be run on commodity hardware on the move.

GEO is a huge leap forward in pattern-of-life analysis. The GEO user interface was originally developed with the British Army and the Royal Navy, and has been enhanced in subsequence version. GEO can quickly produce pattern of life summaries from simple, commonly available data. The application uses highly performant machine learning algorithms that have been honed to run on off-the-shelf military laptops and a modern, intuitive user interface to present the operator with a summary of how targets behave.


GEO enables planners to predict the best time and location for engagements. It enables intelligence officers to understand the behaviour of enemy units. It enables law enforcement professionals to build stronger cases to take to court. 

GEO can analyse multiple targets simultaneously, allowing the operator to see how they interact. It can also detect meetings between targets.

GEO recently won a competition against 15  tech startups (including a couple of unicorns) to find the best pattern of life application. Get in touch with use to see how GEO can change the way you analyse movement data. 

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